Brush Up Training


About Heather Brush

Heather Brush loves to help her clients get the most from their dogs!

She has been helping clients to train their dogs for more than 20 years.

She is a CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer — Knowledge Assessed). This shows that she has more than 300 hours of experience, passed a lengthy test demonstrating her understanding of training procedures and behavioral science, and was recommended to the certification counsel by another professional trainer and a veterinarian.

She loves to learn so that she can be a better teacher — In order to maintain her certification she must earn at least 36 Continuing Education Units every 3 years, but at her last certification she had earned more than 130. She spends hours watching training videos, has attended Clicker Expo for the past 10 years (30+ hours of learning each year), and regularly attends other seminars and webinars to improve and expand her skills.

She believes that making training fun is important to your success. If you learn to love training, you’ll do it. If you love your classes, you’ll attend them. If you attend them, you’ll succeed. The more fun you have, the better trained your dog will be!

She enjoys a challenge. She especially enjoys working with dogs who are fearful, reactive, or challenged in any way. Problem pooch? She can’t wait to help you find a solution! Dog with a disability? She would love to help!

She has experience with a wide variety of dog breeds, as well as many other species. Heather has been involved in animal rescue since 2000 so she has a special understanding of the challenges that face rescue dogs. She has also worked with species ranging from large cats (lions, tigers, pumas, etc) to a coatimundi and African Crested porcupine, small exotic mammals, snakes, and birds. Several years ago she ran a chicken training camp to help her clients improve and expand their training skills. Her current most unusual training partners are her horses, Lily and Prism, with whom she is working on an assortment of tricks and husbandry behavior, and her blood parrot fish, Simon. Why will her work with so many species help you with your dog? It shows that she is good at thinking outside the box, problem solving, and that she truly understands the science of training enough to apply it in a wide variety of ways.